GRZEGORZ NOWICKI (born in Poznań)

A graduate of the State School of Fine Arts. He is an academic teacher andruns the V Graphic Workshop - Offset at the University of Arts in Poznań. He works with graphic design and traditional graphics, taking part in exhibitions at home and abroad.

"I have been dealing with graphics for many years, while technologies have changed: serigraphy, offset, digital printing. The motives of my activity are very prosaic - I am an hobbistic collector of pictures created at the interface of reality and my imagination. These creations have no philosophy, attitude, intention, metaphor or second meaning. This is a purely biological pleasure of playing with the image. The basis of my "research" is always a photographic registration subjected to various treatments and interventions. It turned out however, that the fragments of reality satisfying me are close to me: in the damaged structure of plaster, in the roughness of accidental stone, in a creased sheet of paper ... The colour appears very rarely as blackand white bring me the most joy. I experiment with printed formats. I want this slightly suspicious activity to work on and develop ".

Grzegorz Nowicki


Photos: Agnieszka Bereta





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