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Host: Kalina Izabela Zioła

Musical setting: Romuald Andrzejewski


Poet, vocalist, composer and painter from Poznań. The artist combines passion for art, poetry, music, photography and theater, working with painting, drawing, bas-relief and graphics. She creates illustrations for books, but also sings and composes music for her own poems and for other Polish poets. As a teenager, she made her debut in the national literary press.

She is the author of two poetic books: "No Trespassing" (Kraków 2009) and "My New Lies" (2017). Recently she also created the album "Quarters of the Moon", in which she sings songs to the words of Polish poets, accompanied by the music of Lech Nawrocki.




Photos: Agnieszka Bereta

WIESŁAW NAPIERAŁA (born in 1959 in Poznań)

In the years 1981-1986 he studied sculpture at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań, where he received a diploma with distinction in the studio of Professor Józef Kopczyński. In 1988 he started to work at the PWSSP in Poznań, where in 2015 he obtained the title of professor. Currently, he runs the sculpture studio at the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities at the University of Arts. He works with sculpture, photography and painting.


The Children's Crusade, which took place in the 13th century and whose goal was the liberation of Jerusalem from the hands of Muslims, was one of the most irrational events in European history. It mainly involved children from France and Germany, who were feed with absurdities and left behind all rational arguments uttered even by the Pope himself. The unsupported march of several thousand people wandered through Europe and was slowly dying out, heading for the tragic goal, which mostly was death or Muslim captivity. The crusade of children was an initiative of the participants of this procession, guided by the logic a child's world and not the logic of adults. A protest, a fascination, a longing for loved ones, or a childishly understood faith - or maybe all together - were the main stimuli to start this journey. The collision course between the worlds of adults and children makes this story timeless, generating questions about many aspects of the existence of not only the individual, but also all of humanity. The works presented at the exhibition are an attempt to synthetically present a journey through the sacred and profane, becoming an illustration of the nothingness and morbid adult devotion.


Photos: Agnieszka Bereta




Professor Molenda runs the Publishing Studio at the University of Arts in Poznań and leads classes in Advertising Graphics at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the Adam Mickiewicz
University in Poznań. He defended his diploma in graphics in 1984 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (currently the University of Arts in Poznań). He works with traditional graphics - mainly woodcut, linocut and metal techniques - as well as graphic design and has recently rediscovered painting.

"I treat my works as a notation, a trace in which the content is inscribed in a natural and intuitive information from the emotional and physical environment. They contain a synthesis of the feeling of space, time, own presence, workshop and material. I think that every visual performance includes the reality of our surrounding and its phenomena, and although it is often far from the image source and experience, it remains connected with this reality. Often individual experiences open up new possibilities, a new path and a sudden irrational impulse, material or workshop inspiration. Often what happens outside the mind, intellectual and formal speculation is the value of work, both for the author and the recipient".



Photos: Agnieszka Bereta

Part of my professional work is travelling on the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross, which sails to the Antarctic and Arctic. Working as an Information Technology Engineer for the British Antarctic Survey I maintain the systems that scientists use for their research, while exploring distant and inaccessible regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. During the first meeting of the series "Without Coverage", I will talk about some of the animals in the Arctic and Antarctic, the research conducted and what everyday life on the ship and the research stations is like. The meeting will be conducted in English and translated into Polish.

Host: Andrew England


Photos: Agnieszka Bereta



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