Speak Good, or ... Secrets of Public Speaking (meeting 1.)

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15.02.2019 18:00 - 20:00


A public speech is not only a speech at a conference - it is every speech in the presence of another person, that is, Christmas wishes, self-presentation, and participation in the discussion. Does everything require preparation? Yes. How to do it? I will try to help you.

During the meeting we will, among other things, discuss:

    - how to overcome stage fright?
    - do you need a script?
    - how to speak to be listened to?
    - how to control the body to speak for us and not instead of us?

Who am I?

Practicioner with many years of experience. I was a spokeswoman for various events and cultural institutions, including the Poznań Opera and Artistic University in Poznań. I taught students, lead public debates, press conferences and concerts - for example: Poznań Live Festival, Festival of Spring, Home Concerts at Casa Buena, Conversations Fairly Cooltural, but first and foremost I worked as a TV journalist. I conducted hundreds of interviews and study programs, such as "Pegasus", "Luna Park, or Conversation by the Moon", "No Secrets with ...", "Poster".

I know what public performances are and how to deal with them.


A group of 12 people / decides the order of applications

tel. 601 352 142 lub 61 819 15 91
*31.01.2019 - list of participants is closed.


Anna Kochnowicz-Kann





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