TADEUSZ SOBKOWIAK (born 1955 in Poznań)

As early as a child, he was interested in painting and at the age of eleven he won two main prizes in a competition organized by students of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He studied cultural and educational pedagogy at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and painting at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań. In 1986 he obtained a diploma with distinction in the studio of Professor Jan Świtka. He exibited his works and installations at many exhibitions at home and abroad (including Berlin, London, Lviv, Bratislava). The artist, regardless of the prevailing trends, remains faithful to his inspirations associated with archeology, astronomy, science-fiction literature and the world of nature.


Painter, thinker and composer.

A traveler in personal space. A painter of lights and shadows, forests and meadows, beaches and the sky, strange and terrible creatures, leaves and branches, mysterious ships and undiscovered lands. Seeker of the secret of life and death, of inscrutable beings, lost myths and legends.

He merges a multitude of voices, theoretically foreign and antagonistic, in a pictorial and musical way in a love song of life. He is a creator of the fairy tale of nature, the fairy tale of the universe, who listens to the singing wind and whales, enlivening the stones. The world, as a multi-layered structure of entities connected by a cosmic umbilical cord and penetrating into the nature of things, is the main direction of his creative search.


Photos: Agnieszka Bereta