A highly regarded actor of the New Theater in Poznań associated with this scene for 32 years. As he jokes, he got there thanks to ... guitar and drums. Music accompanies him "since always" - he is an actor who sings and plays instruments. He finds himself in every stage genre: from farce to tragedy. Today, you can see him, among others, in "Pan Tadeusz" directed by Mikołaj Grabowski as Wojski.

Paweł Binkowski is also THE VOICE. He once greeted us at the railway station and has been appearing in radio commercials for three decades. He is also a teacher. He can read the most complicated linguistic text with the speed of a machine gun in an impeccable way. For several years he was also the face of the nationwide television program "Telekurier".

Except of that he runs, rides a bike, observes nature, cooks, reads maps, he is fascinated by aviation and the history of Poznań. Man with many passions, a one-man band.

Hosted by Anna Kochnowicz-Kann

Photos: Agnieszka Bereta