JOANNA MARCINKOWSKA (born 1982 in Poznań).

She studied artistic education and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. In 2007 she received a diploma with distinction in the field of art education with a drawing annex in the studio of Professor Jacek Strzelecki. In 2008 she received diploma with honors in the field of painting in the studio of Professor Marek Przybył. In 2012 she received a doctoral degree in the field of visual arts. She works as a assistant professor at the Painting Studio of Professor Marek Przybył in Poznań.


"In a universe where eternal inflation takes place, anything that can happen will actually happen - and in fact it will happen an infinite number of times."

Alan Guth

Multiverse is a concept that can be understood as a scientific, philosophical and social phenomenon. In my painting, it is primarily an expression of fascination with people and their individuality. The multiverse is a multitude of individual human realities and perspectives. It is a mosaic of real and imaginary worlds, a variety of types of perception, a variety of paths and ways to reach a goal, and finally a multiplicity of truths.

The pictorial multiverse is a relative vision of the impossibility manifested in iconographically expanded scenes and unlikely meetings placed in unreal spaces. Through visual equivalence of many elements of the performance, all forms and situations in the picture seem to be just as possible. It is a visual creation of utopian reality, where nothing is excluded, and everything is potential and relative.

Joanna Marcinkowska


Photos: Agnieszka Bereta