The historical event of the proclamation of the Mosina Republic of Poland on the May 3 1848 during the Spring of Nations, is one of the most important elements of the historical and cultural outputs of the Mosina Commune. Last year, in order to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the declaration of independence in Mosina, a reconstruction took place in the marketplace with the participation of the reconstruction group and the residents themselves. We want to continue the tradition of proclamation and this year we also planned a similar event during which our city market will change for a few hours into the 19th-century town of Mosina.

On 15th June 2019 a nineteenth-century "market" will be created at the October 20th Square in Mosina, with a mobilization point, wooden stalls, an insurgent tavern and historic craft workshops. The climax of the event will be the reconstruction of the proclamation of May 3 1848, in which residents will also be able to take part.

The programme:

13.00 - 17.00. Reconstruction of the 19th-century life in the city of Mosina during the Spring of Nations - a live history lesson with the participation of reconstructors, organizations, associations and residents.

Insurgent camp
• recruitment point for volunteers for insurgent units - military exercises
• a health center for wounded insurgents
• workshops on the creation of the National Bow
• workshops for children - insurgent rhythms on the drumroll
• an insurgent tavern with refreshments

Mosina during the Spring of Nations
• in a nineteenth-century school - calligraphy workshops with a goose pen
• in the privacy of a bourgeois house - an evening of patriotic songs singing together
• children's room - games of the nineteenth-century small Mosinians
• in a bourgeois kitchen
• ceramics, embroidery and painting on porcelain craft workshops
• trade fair

Peasant's farm
• daily activities of residents of villages in the villages of the town
• demonstration of hammering of insurgent scythes
• workshops on wickerwork
• a peasant inn with refreshments
• a rural playground for children

Other attractions: a competition for the best historical costume and other competitions for adults and children, fitness tournaments from the epoch, distribution of the historical Gazeta Mosińska newspaper, occasional "1 Mosin" coin for everyone, photography in a historical costume, a game in a historical board game.

17.00 - 18.00. Reconstitution of the Mosina Republic of Poland 1848 with the participation of recruited volunteers and residents in the role of nineteenth-century townspeople.